Our role as Insurance Manager spans every stage in the lifecycle of the insurance operation. There are many reasons why an organization may choose to close their operation, whether that is a change in company direction or market focus, post-merger restructuring, or as a result of regulatory developments

Braxtone’s run-off division will have a dedicated team, which brings together run-off expertise in and outside Bahrain. Run-off division will be dedicated to helping clients structure deals that extract value, contain loss exposure and save costs. This includes:

1- Analysis of run-off options
2- Accelerated claims closure
3- Entity or loss portfolio disposal
4- Portfolio Transfer
5- Disposal support, closure plans, run-off management and transition support
6- Exit strategy development, negotiation and finalization services
7- Management of Shariah Support & Supervisory Services
8- Risk management support & services
9- Corporate Governance Services
10- Statutory Corporate Services